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Best small near field passive monitor

Hi all, I hope that you can shed some light. As in topic - I'm looking for small passive monitor for critical listening in a very small room. It shoul be passive. On strong limitation - no more than 24cm high. It will co-work with passive subwoofer (sealed box, currently under construction) and active external crossover. I would hear any recommendation.

My current favs:

PSB Alpha P3 - ~22cm - $400usd/pr - rear port Polk Audio S10 - 21.3cm - $158usd/pr - rear ported, but has a deflector so distance to wall shouldn't matter SVS Prime Elevation - 23.49cm - $400usd/pr, rear port - roll off at 80hz, perfect for pairing with a sub. NHT SuperZero 2.1 -22.86cm - $125usd/pr - sealed, not full range, designed to pair with a sub. Micca MB42X is - 24.13cm - $80usd/pr -rear port Micca RB42 - 22cm - $130usd/pr - rear port - "long-throw" woofer for added low end, otherwise very flat freq response. (The MB42X may sound better in your setup) Covo-S may even surprise you if your sub fills in your low end well- 13x13x10cm - $45usd/pr - rear port
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After browsing through different sites now I'm close to make decision. I have developed my own scoring and here goes the list:
It's very small, goes pretty low (according to reviews, but I have a chance to hear it in real world) and... it looks nice. I also like Tesi, this Indiana Line thing is quite appealing. Unfortunately, they're pricey :(
let me know what you ultimately go with, also interested in how your setup looks, given the height restrictions you put in place... I've decided to search for a pair of OMD-5's, not going to be easy without breaking the bank :D
Yesterday I've found something interesting - this is an Italian brand Indiana Line. The price is decent, but I don't know much about the mfcr.
ly it is pretty small and nice-looking, only 23,5 or 24,5 high. But it is BR, and I would prefer sealed box...
The Mackie CR3 or CR4 are the only ones that come to mind. You're not going to get more than a 4" woofer in a monitor that short.
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Take a look at the Q Acoustics 3010

Thanks, didn't know them, look decent.