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How to make CTRL Keyboard Apple compliant?

Hello I purchased a CTRL Keyboard to replace my original MAC keyboard ... everything seems to be working fine, besides the COMMAND key, that is not recognized by my Mac ... hence I lost the Copy/Paste functionality using the COMMAND Key. I imagine I need to programme the keyboard to convert the "LEFT GUI" key to be recognized as the COMMAND one ... but really have no clue. Can you please help? thank you in advance marco

yes Either use the configuration to swap it but there is also a setting in the system preference of the Mac OS where you can change the layout of the option and command keys. It’s in the keyboard preferences
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You can try this link but matching colors is the tough part if you're buy full keyset elsewhere. I just kept the meta and Alt key and on another keyset I got I just use Menu and Alt.
Thank you Darren ... looks exactly what I am looking for. My keyboard has Kaihua Speed Silver (Linear) switches ... need to make sure it is compliant with the key caps I'd purchase.