Drop Men's Denim
Jun 10, 20191043 views

Getting the Fit Just Right


Heading to LA Things are moving along! The next step in our process was to travel down to LA to meet with our denim developer. A denim developer is an expert in all things denim. They schedule fittings and work with fit models to make sure the fit is just right, and they determine where we should be adjusting the pattern to make the jeans more balanced. Our denim developer works with top labels in and around LA, so we were excited to get to work with her on this project. Another expert we collaborated with is one of Los Angeles’ best fit models. Fit models have commonly shaped bodies that fit specific sizes perfectly. It’s their job to know all the different fits for their size on the market, and to help offer feedback on things like thigh width, pocket length, overall comfort, and anything else that could be improved before the final product is made.

The Slim-Tapered Fit Working with the developer and fit model helped us nail down the perfect slim-tapered fit. While it’s a common silhouette, we’re building in room to make it more comfortable and functional. We took in the fabric in some places, and let it out in others. In the end, we were extremely happy with the turnout. Of course, there are small details still up in the air, but we’ll make sure and keep you posted once we bring this jean to life. John Webb Collaborations Team, Style
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Button or Zipper Fly? Buttons always take longer when bathroom needs are considered, and personally I don’t like how the line of buttons feels pressed against my body. On the other hand, those that “go commando” may have a concern of catching skin in a zipper. Overall, I would like a zipper, and I almost never use (and regret when I do) my button-fly shorts, and those just use relatively “flat” or thin buttons sewn on, not thick metal post buttons. Hey, Kennywood is open ;)
Button Fly on these. There are 'UPS & DOWNS' to both fasteners.
Waaaaamp wamp wamp whaaaaa! Did I miss any “ups?” Maybe I’ve just had bad flys in the past. Open invitation to convince me, lol, and then you can sticky it or post it as a “story” update after you practice on me :)
Will there be sizes for the "huskier" built man?
They will be sized 29 - 42. There is lots of room in the seat and thigh - and although pretty robust the 15 Oz denim is very low-tension so it has lots of give.
What’s the projected cost?
Please have sizes for larger fellas
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I wear a 33/34 waist with a 32” inseam. Wear a 42R jacket, 7.25” wrists, am height-weight proportionate and not a bodybuilder type. I’m an average guy with 17”+ calves. It’s almost impossible to buy any selvedge raw fancy-ass jeans so I go with Levi’s 501.
Yeah - you def sound in-shape/proportionate - (at least by classic standards, i.e. neck/bicep/calf = 1/2 waist). So, I get you on the 501 fit. I do think you would be comfortable in our drop denim - just after 3-5 days of break-in. I favor a classic straight leg - but it's just not as popular currently. It's gaining though.
"Fit models." Okay, so the jeans are designed to fit male models. Considering every male model appears to be ridiculously skinny and tall the concept of using them falls flat and only demonstrates the ability to follow well worn trends.
I don't think you are interpreting that correctly. Rather than it being a fit/athletic model, it's more like models who are specialized in cloth fitting. You might be right, but i think fitting model is more appropriate in the given context.
Do you have a slouchy fit model? I really want to go for one of the models, but not sure which and what size. Can you make a comparison between the models?
I hope you're looking for the pants, rather than the models?
Where we endeavor to answer that eternal question: "do these pants make my butt look big?"