Drop Denim Ibara Slim Rinse
Sep 23, 20191240 views


This summer we sent about a dozen community members Drop Denim prototypes to get some feedback. We’re happy to say, we did good—very good. Here are the top comments about them:
  • We nailed the fit.
  • The fit is slightly wider / straighter and more comfortable than most of their jeans. 
  • Still with a cold water rinse, they do go on stiff, yet open up well with wear and first wash. 
  • There is tons of character in the selvedge denim we selected: 15oz Yoshiwa Mills
  • Most found them one size too big, so we adjusted for production (a size 31 proto is now a size 32, and so forth). 
  • Front pocket openings are a good depth and close to the body, so wallet stays in place.
  • Branding on the back pocket should be removed—a clean look is better, so we are removing this extra branding.
  • Although slubby and substantial, the 15oz low-tension denim open ups easily.
< One of the wear-testers removed D (Drop logo) with a seam ripper, BETTER! >   After all the feedback, we ended-up changing only some slight branding and sizing, otherwise we’re stoked to go to production. Keep tabs on the discussion and be on the lookout for some of the testers’ comments. As always, we’re looking forward to hearing from the Drop community.   ...and please don't forget to click the request button on the product page!
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Looks good. What tier of denim are you targeting here? Which comparable brand do you see the Drop denim as competing with?
The Jean has the same repro depth as *any* Okayama based Japanese Brand, but with a more updated, Relaxed Slim Fit.
Admittedly I'm not much of a jeans guy anymore, but those look a little too narrow/tight from the shin to the ankle for me. Guess I just saved C-Note!
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Reminds me of my favorite lyric from Pretzel Logic ;- ) "I stepped up on the platform
The man gave me the news
He said, You must be joking son
Where did you get those shoes?"


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First picture was taken inside with mediocre lighting
Natural, outdoor lighting. This picture was taken before I even tried the pants on