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Digital Sonic Fluidity

Just thought I'd share our future in acoustic transducers here, so we can all see what the "playing field" will look like. As Feynman said " There's Plenty of Room at the Bottom", well there is some great sound to be had at the micro scale before you get all the way to the bottom,, wherever that really is...
MEMS fabrication has been around for some time now, been making the systems used to make them, Micro Electro-Mechanical Systems, and we are starting to see the fruition of that now in the audio field. Low moving mass with multiple transducers >1,000 and an array capable of operating in a phased array mode, damn what you can do with that spatially... especially when you can put multiples of these arrays in your cans, working in concert, think of the 'wave' with cheers going around the football stadium... and then they all stomp their feet at femto-once, well close to that;) Yes, IEM's are basically headed here, but not a fan, we truly hear with those cartilage-constructed, funny-looking sound shaping thingies call ears, I like a sound stage. Damping - no longer an issue; distortion - not really needed to be spoken about anymore - but we will-just cause...; DAC's - nope, just digital right until you move air... You can look here for more info; ; and of course videos are more fun and quicker to grasp;
Damn this will be fun...
FYI; I did send an email to the CEO asking about plans to put these in cans, will let you know if I hear anything back...


I asked some IEM company just a couple, at most, years ago about have NO Wires at all on them. Because they ALL use a wire that's about the size of a couple HAIRS. They told Me that would be impossible. Now they're everywhere.
If we take an HD Bluetooth signal, and have a DSP, basically, directly driving the lowest possible mass/high stiffness MEMS transducers, you will get quality; it is headed this way. We will be getting better miniature solid state batteries at an affordable cost, hopefully soon to enable these to be truly right-sized... They will all need a complimentary wireless 'do-not-lose' locator phone app as well... All should remember, in all this; Bluetooth is just a code(ec) that was utilizing a junk band that couldn’t travel further than we could throw (various stuff); that became useful in this new wonderful connected world; that will become more of an HMI - because the codec allows it to utilize WiFi bands; Bluetooth then becomes Mastertooth... and we get gobs of sq:)) score 1 for the Consumer team! The King rises again, watery tart & sword, nice hat...
Wired ones you can buy now... not a bad deal, really, when you think how early an adopter you would be... 1st gen $821.48 (someone buy and review;) Paper: Interestingly moving towards possible multiple-material arrays with varying sized diaphragms; poshing-off the Si folks... just stiffing them ultrasonically;) "Megaclite 3.0 is a set of USB-C earphones. It features the new USound piezoelectric MEMS speaker technology. Megaclite presents a distinctive sound that sets it apart from balanced armature and electrodynamic earphones designs. MEMS speakers are lightweight and act like a linear motor resulting in a full bandwidth sound with strong bass, clear treble and impulse accuracy." FEATURES • Stereo USB-C earphones with MEMS full-range speakers • High resolution audio processing with 32 bit, 48 kHz • Distinct bass boost function without muddy low-mids, +10 dB below 100 Hz • The earphones offer 105 dB SPL@1 kHz, at less than 0.5% THD • Control interface for play/pause and volume up/down • High performance DSP for audio filter customisation