Laptop Cooler as Power Amp Cooler?

Ok, so I know I can not be the only one who's figured out that a $20-35 laptop cooler drawing air off a hot power amp can be as effective as "full-size" ($99 and above) "electronics" coolers. Anyone agree (without getting into pedantic discussions re: cfm flow)? Point, can a laptop cooler lower or two a hot power amp's operating temp or not? Appreciate replies. Thanks!

Can I ask why you think you need an "amp cooler" in the first place? Unless you have your gear shut away in a very tight "gear closet" for hidden in an enclosed piece of A/V furniture this has never been a concern for me. A properly designed amp will go into thermal shutdown long before it's damaged so unless your amps are shutting down I don't see the point.
Sure, as heat is electronics' bane I focus on keeping my Class A & AB amps cool. None are in "gear closets" or hidden, enclosed in furniture. I might add I've no doubt each one's longevity, as of this writing >20yrs, has been prolonged through years using laptop coolers. Point remains, and I'm asking others, why pay 3,4x and more for dedicated electronic multi-fan units when all that might be needed -again for longevity- is a simple $20-25 laptop cooler? Appreciate your input, ElectronicVices. Thanks!
To each their own, personally I see it as an unnecessary expense if there is sufficient airflow. I use amps daily that are 14 years and 7 years old (4 different amps, 2 different receivers) across various makes. Never added supplemental cooling as the noise created by those devices is more concerning to me than the cooling.