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Most fun knife to handle/play with?

I'm kicking this off by nominating my new Spyderco PM2. The pivot glides like a buttered swan, and the compression lock and oversized Spydey hole give me 4 different ways to open it. This is cocaine for my fingers.
What's yours?
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Now, do you want to have levels of fun with a knife as a play toy that will not only end up putting the pleasure of fidgeting with a well tuned compression lock knife to shame, but also gives you something completely outside the capabilities of the PM2 in any steel? One that ends up being fun at parties? Just hear me out on this: you want a trainer knife. And there's three ways you can go, fixed, folding, and Balisong. Fixed: BM SOCP Dagger Trainer
Just get it and start playing with it, you'll get what I'm talking about. The trainers go for $60 or so, the daggers for closer to a bill, but you buy the dagger in case you need it and then you build years of muscle memory screwing around with the trainer. Folding: the Fox 499T
Hours of fun, and that's before you start watching the videos Doug Marcaida did with this trainer. Flip it, flick it, wave it, thumb it, just run the spine along something with a raised edge. This is another one you'll spin by the ring just screwing around with. Balisong: The Boler Plus trainer:
It's way heavy compared to a light knife, on purpose. Makes flipping it about kinda like the kettlebell version of playing with a butterfly knife. But it's awesome fidgeting. If someone ever tells you 'quit looking at your phone' get this out instead and start doing flips and spins with it.
Wasn't quite sure what to make of a knife that doesn't cut, but I suppose if one of these saves you a trip to the hospital, it'll have paid for itself and then some.
Well, your friends eventually get sick of getting ambushed with a practice knife too, but it's fun for a long time before that.
I absolutely love my Spyderco Sliverax. With the traditional Spidey hole, plus flipper tab there are so many ways to fidget with it. I also love my new Ontario Rat 2 in D2. It feels like it's assisted...very fun to flick.
Buggout hands down. I can fidget flip that thing all day long. Waiting on the next drop of the protech mordax, I’m guessing it will be giving the buggout a run for its money
Benchmade 940 hands down!
Really liking my Spyderco Paysan super smooth, S90v Integeral, Rasentai design....
Sorry , last but not the least is the griptilian ! I have to many knives .... ( not really)
Also forgot the spyderco Caribbean, it not as smooth as most compression locks but man it middle flicks lick a beast!
Hands down , the new spyderco smock , then the pm2 and the benchmade 940 and some of the new Ganzo knives as well as the Kizer sheepdog , and if you have the $$$ the benchmade infidel or any quality otf d/a knife, I would add honorable mention of a quality balisong trainer, as the real ones can really do some damage unless trained well . Also most ZT knives are smooth as long as they are not assisted .
My favorite right now is the Millit Torrent. Smooth, fast action. I can open it four different ways. It's definitely my go to fidget knife. My second is the Hinderer XM18 3" and finally my modded Para3!
I've just recently picked up a s110v Manix 2...but nothing beats a Sage 5 imho. I'm awaiting sprint runs improving the already spectacular s30v and CF over laid G10.
I like both compression locks and axis locks. Super easy to just flick open. but what I really like about them with a well tuned knife is how you can noiselessly roll out the slow flick like the blade's in zero G. And ease it back shut with a reverse of the same motion. So quiet that if you weren't watching you wouldn't know. Do it just right, and you won't hear the click -- you'll only feel it. Some folks find this unsettling. Others know it speaks to a level of control that surpasses the average.
Anything with an axis lock. Something about the flicks.
I got a PM2 a few weeks ago. (S35VN) It really has great ergos. The compression lock is terrific, but does not fall shut as easily as some. The Bestech Swordfish has awesome ergos. My Griptilian is certainly in the running here. This is really a tough call. I think my answer changes from time to time.
The same. Literally. Lol
Spyderco Smock !
The Kershaw Bareknuckle. It may not be as buttery smooth as some more expensive knives, but the snap it makes when it fires is world class.
Just got the Buc. Have to say it has been the most fun to play with. Opens so smooth and makes that “snikt” sound when it locks. Very satisfying!
I've always loved playing with my bali's or OTFs ... but as for a knife that wouldn't attract undue attention, I would have to say my Gerber Applegate-Fairbaun (sp?) F.A.S.T. Assist. I've had it for about 15 years now and can't wait to pull the trigger on an auto version. My single biggest gripe with Gerber has always been the shallow serrations ... but now I almost exclusively buy straight edge knives. I agree though - my second favorite would probably have to be a PM2. Currently waiting on brass scales for one of my PM2s now. CAN. NOT. WAIT.
Brass scales??
At the moment I canT stop fidgeting with my Direware H90 & S96 models. They lock up so fast and hard that there is a felt "recoil" on lockup. LOL The sound of the lockup is a big part of the obsession as well. KA-CHINK!
At the current time, my two favorite fidget-factor knives are the Panchenko Bean and the Spyderco Smock <--- love the button/compression lock!
While I love the ZT804CF, my preferred EDC, I'm actually going to nominate the FF Falcon Wing as the most fun to play with. It has an amazing snap as it opens, and feels great in the hand.
Spyderco Manix Sprint Run

Suingab scales makes my PM2 as ergonomic as the shaman, without having to wait forever for the sprint runs.

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Nice!! Where did you buy the scales..if you don’t mind my asking..😉
New addition that may have surpassed my ZT0562. Anyone hear of the North Arms Skaha 2!
Yes, I have a North Arms Skaha II coming to me in a couple of weeks - I can't wait to see how good the action is.
you have to try the Wise Men Company aftermarket parts for the PM2. The Signet Ring and the Thorn. Just takes it to the next level.

It would have been the Cold Steel AD-15, but I went to church and missed the 60 minute sale. I am sure that there is a lesson here that GOD wants me to learn. I have to believe that you understand the reason I have not posted a picture.
Nice as the Cold Steel may be, I think you chose the better blade - rf. Heb 4:12 (NKJV)
Nice, Daisy...very nice.
Mine is a Spyderco Jester with smooth burgundy micarta scales.
My favorite is a Benchmade Mini Barrage. The Axis lock is what makes it so much fun. Flip, pull, close, repeat.
I have probably 150 knives. $15 Kubey to $1,900.00 Microtech Anax. At least 5 customs including 4 Microtechs. The collection includes 14 Medfords. Some of my favorite fidget flippers are $25 Chinese made with really smooth actions and snappy detents. However, the knife found in my pocket most often is my ZT0562. Just a superb knife in every way. Bill P