If you're sad about not getting your Tin P1 yet, I'm going to make you feel a little bit better.

I ordered the Tin P1 from drop right away back in June based on some hyped review from a reviewer who will remain nameless, perhaps just like you did. No disrespect to Drop, but when the ship date kept getting put off, I canceled my order and ordered direct from Linsoul which came with it's own set of hassles. Miraculously (and even while provided a non-existent tracking number) they arrived the other day. I felt like one of the lucky ones. I am one of the lucky ones. But then......... Let me begin by saying that I am relatively new to the audiophile game but I feel like I'm finding my way around pretty good. My dap is an older Fiio x5 (click wheel style) and I have both a Fiio A3 amp and a Little Bear B4-X tube amp. In my dap, I use one card for lossy files and one card for lossless. I'm not above listening to a lossy file if need be. My IEM arsenal (so far) consists of the underrated Ostry KC09 (bass bangers), Tin T2 and Tin T3. I also have an inexpensive balanced cable that I sometimes use with the little Bear which has a balanced out as well as a headphone out. Lately, my go-to chain is the T3 with the Little Bear if I'm listening to anything but EDM. The Ostrys do the better job for EDM, in my opinion. Sometimes, I bounce back to the solid state A3, maybe turn the bass boost on. Maybe not. Enter the Tin P1. I have no previous experience with planars so I didn't really know what to expect and I must say that I am underwhelmed. They definitely sound 'good' but not what I was expecting based on the hype. First of all, my Little Bear could not drive them without distorting whether I was using balanced output or unbalanced. So much for tubing them. The A3 can definitely drove them so I could get down to some critical listening. This may be an obvious statement to someone who has experience with planars and has a more realistic expectation, but if you derive any excitement from bass in your listening taste, you can virtually forget about that. I didn't expect them to be bass cannons. In fact, I feel that the T2 has sufficient bass with the right tips and fit and many find the T2 to be lacking in the bass department. However, these have so little bass, it seems somewhat lifeless to me. They do seem to be musically tuned and are not overly clinical but I just don't find them to be very fun. As far as having 'detail shoved into your ears' I just didn't get it. The detail is good but somehow wasn't as aggressive or immersive as I had hoped. Maybe it's my lack of experience but that's my opinion on the sound. They are a decent addition to my arsenal if I'm ever in the mood for lots of detail but they make me want to go back to my precious T3's which are like slipping into a warm bath compared to these. A few notes on things other than the sound. 1.)They come with the most foul smelling leather (?) case. It smells like the skunkiest beer ever dripping out of Bob Marley's armpit. It smells like bad weed. I would never put them in the case. Like, ever. I don't even know how they got the case to smell that bad. 2.) I'm sure you've heard about the lazy weave on the cable. After the absolute masterpiece that is the Tin P3 cable, it's especially puzzling. It's a decent cable. It's just like someone got distracted halfway through weaving them. Maybe they got stoned from smelling the case. 3.) I had a hard time getting a decent seal. In fact, they feel like they're going to fall out any second. I'm still working my way through my tip collection to find the right ones. In closing, I'm not giving them a bad review. i like them and I'm glad to have them but they aren't quite the game changer I wanted them to be. They will not be replacing my beloved T3's. They're not better, just different. I'm hoping my words will help you to manage your expectations in case you're frantically impatient with not receiving yours yet or not even knowing when the hell you will receive them. Hang in there. Maybe it'll be worth the wait for you. For me, not quite so much. Thanks for listening. Peace.


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