O2 -SDAC & iPad

I have an O2- SDAC. How do I get the digital audio out of an iPad? I tried using an Apple camera adaptor but does not work. In fact I get an error on the iPad that the sdac draws too much current- this even when the sdac is powered by its own supply. The SDAC works fine from a laptop. iPad is an Air 2. Thanks

Try a powered hub in the mix... many amp/DAC's power supply only drives the amp section. The USB DAC section still draws power from the source device and Apple has a very low threshold on power draw over lightning/usb.
The description of the DAC section has this to say from the drop page "  It runs off of USB bus power with plug-and-play operation, which means you won’t need drivers or any special software to get started." DAC section is definitely your issue here, been a while since I tried to use Apple products for audio, far too restrictive for my needs.
Aug 20, 2019
Thanks, I hear you.