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Bluetooth transmitter for PS4 but with a remote?

New meds, who dis? I'm having trouble thinking, so coming up with better search terms is getting piped to void(). I have a simple ask: I want to switch both the SPDIF outputs and inputs (so multiple inputs!) on a bluetooth transmitter that I can control with (yet another) remote cause I'm too lazy to leave my comfy beanbag/neckbeard nest. More specifically, I'd like to be able to use bluetooth headphones and switch between my Roku and my PS4 that are both currently connected to a Sony home theater box of tricks. When the all clear is given (people taking work/side-chick phonecalls), I'd like to switch back to the home theater speakers instead of the headphones (bypass mode?) with a press of a button. I think that I'm missing something really obvious here. I've seen the Cassia Router, that's not the solution for me. Thoughts & prayers?

Aug 25, 2019
Well the main thing here is PS4 doesn't support Bluetooth, so first you have to figure a way around that.its silly that they don't even let you use something they make like the Sony mdrxb950, it baffles me.
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