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So, uh....the Writing Community is back?

Under the COMMUNITIES menu, Writing is back under My Communities. But it's not showing up under the SHOP menu for me. And it only has one fountain pen for purchasing so far. Is this an error, or is it permanently back?
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As there's no guarantee that your Writing Forum will ever continue to exist, there's no point in using it to help future visitors navigate the wonderful world of Fountain Pens. I'll frequent both Reddit and FountainPenNetwork instead. I'm gone...
I joined the Endless Pens forum. Same user name.
Some of us had the idea that maybe Endless Pens might want to host our Writing community, so we reached out to them, and although there is no forum in place, Hop Drop is specifically created for us. You will need to create an account to see what's on offer, there will be an additional 15% off using code: HOPDROP15 This offer will be valid for a week, and there will be new deals with new discount codes every week. Visit this link for the latest on this development: Spread the word. Pass it on.
So your my primary interface for pens, having someone curate what is out there and present that to the world is how many of us know and learn about these products. Maybe you could have a standard list of products and you keep selling those products till you find better ones? Most of us know that we can find these products other places, but that is just the thing, we don't even know what to look for. You do a great job of photographing the products, and explaining them. Why should the product go away, just keep selling the drops. Maybe your not cheeper, maybe you are, try to find some value added way to be different like bundles (notebook/pen/ink set).
Not selling pens? I’m out of here. One more junk email I can get rid of.
The decision was made to bring back the writing forums at least. At least we will have a place to share ideas and finds and good deals elsewhere. More here:
I don't come here for the forums. I come here for good deals on writing instruments. Meh. I'm out.