Mistel Barocco Keycaps

I bought a Yuri set for the XD60 I never built... I ended up installing it on my Mistel Barocco, which works great except for the space bars. When are we getting keycap sets made for this keyboard? I'm fine with black spacebars for now, but eventually I'd like them in matching SA profile and either orange, powder blue, or navy. I'd settle for some "Space Bars" like the drop that just ended, but it seems like there aren't any current options for our required 3U and 3.25U.

Anyone know of a combo that would work here?

Apr 17, 2021
A word of caution. The 3u spacebar that comes with the MD770 (i.e. the 75% version of this board) fits on the left side (where it belongs) and the right side (where it leaves a small gap). I therefore thought that I'd be ok if I bought a pair of 3u SA spacebars (Maxkeys Virtual War SA Keycaps) and put up with one of them being slightly too short. Wrong... The SA spacebars expect stabilisers that are much further apart than the ones that are actually on the Barocco so they won't fit. And the plate (as far as I can tell) is cut such that you can't fit wider stabilisers. It's so frustrating - how hard would it be to have the spacebar be two standard 3us, either by adding a .25 spacer or making one of the right alt/fn/ctrl slightly wider? gah!
Mar 13, 2018
You might be able to contact Mistel and ask to buy some white spacebars since the keyboard comes in white, too. That might go better with the rest of the set you have on it.
Oct 26, 2017
Unfortunately I dont think there is any for now but mistel support said that they are considering about changing the spacebars to support keycap sets in newer versions
Oct 26, 2017
I guess I have to take a mold and make my own...