Oct 31, 2017

Just added this to a poll for capped "practical" pens

I avoid using the word "tactical" as it's been over used so much my brain transposes "loser" every time I see it.
I just bought two of these at $55.00 retail, they are the size of a normal pen (doesn't draw attention), have a removable / replaceable stylus tip for touchscreens, and accept 35 standard refills, not some weird one-off refill that writes like crap and is only available from the OEM for $15.00 a pop!
For those who insist on "practical" pens with sharp checkering or knurling, I suggest the following:
1. Wear it in your front chest pocket every day for a month or two, use it as a PEN / stylus, and then see how many of your shirt pockets have to be replaced from the wear and tear.
2. For a practical test, buy a pork shoulder roast from your local butcher WITH THE SKIN ON, place it on your bench, and give it 3-6 full power pokes. Look at the inside of your hand, then go get the boo-boo box to fix your boo-boos. Cook or smoke the roast slowly with the BBQ sauce / rub of your choice and enjoy with a cold brew of your choice.
In my short life I have come to the conclusion that 90+% of the "tactical" items on the market are designed by people who have never used / tested the gadget in the "world". No bueno if using the super - high - speed official secret ninja whatever if it damages your meat hooks in the process.
Just my $0.02, humbly submitted.

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