My Choice Baofeng UV-5R5
Some time ago I started with this idea of making a survival backpack not because I seriously believe that a zombie apocalypse or something similar like this will happen in the near future.
It's because I regularly go to camp, I like this kind of life. I have been going to Baja California, Mexico "beautiful places there" for the past 5 years to the events of the Baja 1000, 500 etc.

And if there's one thing I realized I needed, it was a Dual Band radio, to hear the race the weather and of course in case you need to ask for help.
There are many options available, motorola, baofeng, TYT, these being the most popular. I decided for a Baofeng, just for the price since at the end of the day the use I would give would be minimal and only in certain occasions.
The model i get was the Baofeng UV-5R5, $ 34.99 + Shipping
Inside the package comes.
Radio, Antenna, Ear-phones with Microphone, a Clip, Charger + Battery, and the Manual.

Its construction is mostly plastic, but a very resistant plastic. As you can see in one of the images, it is a very compact radio.
In addition to having the main function that is to use the frequencies. It has FM radio and led light. The battery has a good duration and has a base charger.
As for earphones, it's the only negative thing I have to say, they are not of the best quality and definitely feel cheap.
The purpose of these posts, is to be able to give more reference to people who may be interested, I tend to buy articles of all kinds, as I have time I will continue making these type of posts.
If you have a question, do not hesitate to leave it.
Best. Demonbits.


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