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Pariapt cable- Horrible experience

Just received my pro XLR cable for my HD 6xx. Sound was horrible with my CTH balanced output. My elex balanced works perfectly so i know its not the amp. Sound was very low, grainy and somewhat fuzzy. To make matters worse it took me 15 minutes to remove cable from the headphone because of how tight it was. Im relieved i didn't damage the headphone. I have requested a full refund and im not interested in a replacement. I don't want to take a chance and break the phones with a replacement. Anyone else have similar problems?

Oct 31, 2019
Not me, I got the HD800 cable XLR, its shorter than my stock Sennheiser XLR cable, sound wise it much the same but quieter a noticeable bit quieter but overall sound is the same. Plugs are tight which is good for this model & same as the stock cables.
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