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Are these good for running?


I run 4 miles a day, 5 or 6 days a week, and I hate wearing anything but portapros. (I've tried and tried and I don't like any variety of in-ears.) They don't move at all (I have a fairly big head), and they always remain comfortable. The pads do get wet with sweat, but by the time that happens I'm soaked anyway so I've never cared. They do dry slowly though; it's kind of gross to wear in the afternoon the pair that you ran in that morning...which is the first reason I have 2 pairs. They last about 2 years, and then I either get a short near the jack or (more common) one of the earphones dies. I'm not afraid to fix stuff with a soldering iron...but there is a lifetime warranty, so why bother? The only downside is the modest shipping fee and the shipping time. This is the second reason I have 2 pairs. I should say that every other pair of headphones I've bought for running has died much faster than these (I'm pretty hard on them). Their lives are measured in weeks or months, not years. (Sadly, this included the bluetooth variety of portapro, which just stopped working for me after maybe 3 weeks...).
Aug 6, 2022
A few years ago, when I was still running a bit, I tried running with the Porta-pros. For me they weren't too secure. I had much better luck with the Koss ksc-75's, with the ear-clips. But l found that I preferred the warmer/bassier sound of the Porta-pros better. With some research I discovered that you can disassemble the headband and swap out the ear-clips from the KSC-75's. Since I was no longer using the Porta-pros I didn't have any qualms about ditching the headband. Plus the common issue of cable stress/failure seems less with the PP's. I still use this pair to this day for hiking and speed walking. I have been given funny looks by younger folks- I guess they think they look goofy? I have tried several in-ear's, bluetooth and wired, just so I could look more with the times -lol. I found them all to be irritating and they constantly work their way out of my ear canal. And I hated feeling closed off and not being able to hear my surroundings. I have the "Samsung Bud's Live", and wore them successfully for a while, but ultimately just didn't like their lack of clarity and still found that they blocked out too much outside sound, despite not being a true "in-ear" design. For safety and other reasons I like to hear what's around me. They are good however while mowing the lawn, as they block out just enough of my battery mower's noise. Update 10/4/22: I recently purchased the newer Koss KPH40 Utility headphones. I can honestly report that these are a notch above the Porta-pros in sound quality. Punchier bass, and a bit more clarity. The Porta-pros are now my back-ups. The headband on the KPH40 is pretty snug and I hardly notice it. I haven't yet tried replacing the headband with the KSC 75's ear-clips, but I think the sound quality will be better with the headband since it presses more firmly on the ears. I am currently trying the Yaxi Pads replacements everyone is raving about but IMO, I'm not so sure that they are an upgrade. I'll report back after experimenting with eq settings. I like that you can swap out the cord to match your phone or device's jack. (3.5 mm, usb c, or lightning cable.) I think Koss is stepping up a bit with this simple, affordable, very good sounding portable headset, for those of us who have issues with in-ears.
Oct 7, 2020
I don't like running in it, but generally I don't like running with my ears covered.
Dec 19, 2019
No. Hard no. Fantastic sound for chilln n great for commutes. Not sweat proof, no rubber components for grip, and they're on ear headphones so theyre going to get uncomfortable after a while resting on your ear.
MihrI'll half agree with Mihr on this. They soak up sweat, so I wouldn't recommend it. I think the default band does have enough clamp to stay on your head (depending on how violently you run).
Dec 18, 2019
I seem to be the odd man out, but I could not wear these running. They are great for just chilling but I find myself frequently having to readjust them just when I'm moving around the house doing chores.
Dec 18, 2019
After every mid to (relatively) high end in-ear monitors over years (including short-circuited SE530s and Westone W4s), I finally found my perfect running headphones. I'll skip the sound quality. That's well-known and well-discussed. I roadrun 30-35 miles a week with these phones. These phones adhere firmly and with no motion. They are firm enough to my ear to be plenty loud even in city running. At the same time, and here is the miracle, the allow me to hear my environment to keep me safe. There is no doubt that these are the perfect running phones.
Dec 17, 2019
They are, and I second the use of Yaxi pads - much more comfortable for longer periods and I also feel they sound better, but that could be down to expecting to hear a difference after reading about them before I ordered some.
Dec 10, 2019
Yep, I recommend the yaxi pads for increased comfort and better sound.
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