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Looking for headphones along my AKG K712 Pro

Hello, this is my first post, having some trouble figuring out the how the board works but nvm that. Anyway, I'm a musician (also have my small home studio) and a gamer, my current headphones are the AKG K712 Pro and I use Focusrite Clarett 4pre USB Audio interface. The AKG are great headphones, huge soundstage, very neutral, but sometimes the soundstage sound way too big, and sometimes the fact that they are neutral kinda ruins because they are very surgical towards everything I listen to. And sometimes a bit uncomfortable... I had a chance to listen to Sennheiser Game One headphones I liked how much more fun they were listening to music, I knew it wasn't the most precise recreation of the music but the smoothness was very pleasant to the ears, with one downside that the treble was cut bit too much for my taste. I also had the chance to record and listen with the Audio Technica M50X, which were great for studio uses and music, and also were quite fun. Anyway, cut the introduction, I'm interested in new headphones for more enjoyable listening & gaming, not surgical studio headphones. I've looked into the Sennheiser HD6xx and the HD58xx and the Audio Technica M50X. I'm not sure which ones would be best to suit me, I'm looking for detailed listening, more kicking sound, but also headphones that can smooth out things for more enjoyable listening. Any help with finding the right headphones would be very much appreciated, I'm kinda lost here. Thank you very much.
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Dec 1, 2019
The sennheisers are great precision awfull soundstage. Get the HE-4xx . For the palnar adventure sound
Nov 19, 2019
I heard the 712 Pro's are God tier for gaming. Been thinking of getting them myself.
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