Can the fly be pitched first in a downpour then the inner net tent with floor be pitched out of the rain underneath?

Apr 8, 2020
Hey-all again. Since the question was asked if the fly can be setup first then the net/tub inside, I decided to try it out the other night. Indeed it can be but there was a hard way and an easier way. So after pitching the fly I went in to set up the inner net/tub. The hard way is to hang it first then attach the floor-clips to the corners. It would be easier to first attach the floor clips to corners and then attach the clips for hanging it up. Hope this helps!
Apr 2, 2020
Yeah dude you totally can! The hook up inside is super simple too so no worrying about how to lay it down once you get inside. I’d probably hook it up to the top first then hook up the bottoms just to make sure it lays down the right way.
Yeah. Many other tents CAN be pitched fly first but it's awkward because they are really inner first designs (e.g. the structure connects to the inner and then the fly drapes over top). The X-Mid is fundamentally a fly first design (e.g. the structure connects to the fly, and the inner clips to that). So you would almost never pitch it inner first unless you were only using the inner. The normal method is fly first, or all-at-once if you leave the inner tent clipped inside the fly - either way the inner stays protected during setup in the rain.
I have the 1P tent, and I just leave the inner attached to the fly. I haven't had to pitch it in the rain, but keeping the inner attached should keep it (mostly?) dry, even if you have to pitch in the rain.
Jun 8, 2020
I also just leave my 1 person attached. I'm not real sure why I would want to seperate it. I did use it once were we ended up with a thin layer of ice on all tents. Just shook off the outer and rolled the whole thing up. The only reason I can think of to seperate the inner is when I'd not be taking it. Still waiting to use it in snow like that.
Dec 3, 2019
Yes, this tent supports a fly first pitch.
Mar 24, 2020
It not only supports it, but that is the only way to pitch the tent. Takes a little mental adjustment, but I'm not complaining.