Dec 11, 2017

What should I get?

So currently I have some unused miles need to spend, and decided to spend it on an earphone. Here are the choice I have narrowed down. Which one should I pick?
1. Shure SE 215
2. MacaW GT 600s
3. Beats Urbeat

What kind of sound are you after? The shure SE215 is rather bassy (rounded kind, not very tight) with relaxed treble. Haven't heard the other 2
I like both bassy and details. Currently I am owning a Audio-technica IM-70 and a Sound by Sweden NiTRO earphone, they both flavor in treble and detail sound. So, I would not mind getting another one focus on different emphasis.
Hmm, seems like our preferences differ, as most of my earphones have even less mid bass and clearer mids and treble as compared to the im70. I think others may be able to bette assist you :)