Glycine Soda + Drop watch defective and poor service
I recently received a Glycine watch that I had purchase a while ago. When I received the watch, it would not run. I took it to a watch repair person who told me that the watch was defective. I contacted Drop support which put me in contact with the Glycine watch repair service. It took a long time for the service center to respond. They finally responded and I was hocked to find out that I had to pay $32 to have the watch looked at for warranty repair plus I had to pay the $20+ shipping. This is not the first watch that I have purchased through Drop. But this experience indicates to me that the risk of buying watches through Drop is just too great so that it is not worth it. Not only the time that I had to spend to get this taken care of, but it will be months before I get the watch back. Plus it cost me almost $50 to send in the watch. This is on a $400 watch. I see that the watch is readily available on watch sites for the same price. Buying watches through Drop is definitely a crap shoot that may not be worth it. Darrell


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