Dec 21, 2017


I don't remember how I stumbled upon Massdrop, but by this point I've purchased way too many drops (with no regrets.) As a professional chef, we keep collecting tools, gadgets, trinkets and the like. If you're like me, you probably have a knife roll over a decade old that you started with, and never upgraded, besides, you only carry your knives around in between jobs and events. But there's no way I can fit all of the necessities anymore, and further blades are poking through, and Velcro pieces are definitely ripping at the seams...
ANYWHO, what do some of you use to transport your tools? Would anyone else like to see a drop on some knife rolls/kits?

Good call here! Definitely think we can look at some great knife roll options for cooking. Just out of curiosity, how many knife slots would be the minimum you would want to have within a knife roll? I have seen some very cool ones, but many times they hold what I would consider too many for the everyday enthusiast chef...
Well my old beat up roll has 8 varying sizes of slots for knives/tools, plus a long mesh pocket and a few slots for pens and other stuff.
I think ideally I'd personally like 8-10 slots for knives/tools plus all kinds of pockets for trinkets.
I hate how expensive these rolls end up being, but if we're going to pay, id love to see some innovative designs/slots/pockets. I have not done my own research recently, but every now and again some knife rolls end up in my feed or email and I envy them.