What are the possible options for a headphone better that Beoplay H6 2nd gen?

Hi there, I am rocking a pair of Bang and olufsen for more than a year and they are truly mesmerizing but I am in a search for a headphone that gives more excitement to the music with more focus on details. I am not able to find something that is better at the H6 price point or alittle more. Would you recommend keeping them?


Feb 8, 2020
Okay, so i have the first gen of the H6's which are harder to drive but have a more natural sound and arent V shaped. I got them for 100 bucks and happy with them. However they really dont have as much detail as a lot of IEMS and the soundsage is really narrow. The thing that is best about them is noise isolation and looks for me. However, after some burn in they got better and also i changed the cable. Believe it or not the cable made a huge difference!. This might be only the case for the gen1 because it is hard to drive from a phone but you could give it a try. They sounded straight up 20% better with the new cable (and louder). I got this one from Ali: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32894212950.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.46d44c4d2PqkyF My next upgrade from these will definitely be a pair of bluethooth ANC headphones, as background noises take away so much from my listening experience. I dont think there is a much better closed back headphone for this price. You can probablyfind something with more soundstage very easily tho. Also the weird thing with H6's is that even tho they have more detail than a lot af other closed back headphones they sound kind off grainy. Like a little bit rough
Feb 5, 2020
B&O headphones can be fun to listen to. I keep a pair of H7 2nd Gen in my collection because of it & because of their design. They are aesthetically pleasing. That being said, I still recognize that sonically, they're a V shaped headphone that provides very good detail but at the expense of a recessed midrange. Based on what I think that you're looking for, Beyerdynamic would be a good consideration. I also say to keep the H6.
Feb 5, 2020
Most likely I will go for Dt990 I am just searching for an affordable amp right now.
If you're happy I say keep them, north of $300 MSRP you are chasing that last 10% or so of performance. To some that is worth thousands to others it's not worth it. Only you can make that determination.
Mar 3, 2020
Bashar I dig the nature of your inquiry and the logic used. I ‘tweaked’ the sound of some Beyerdynamic T90s over the long weekend by using my phones’ inbuilt ‘AdaptSound’ feature. (samsung) AdaptSound (though no doubt other companies can do it, or an app/re equalisation) allowed me to quickly reset the headphones to a ‘flatline’ sound. In the case of use with the 80Ohm Tesla drivers, it tamed the treble and boosted, appropriately, the bass frequencies. night and day difference that had me enjoying a few genres from my phone vs using a dedicated audio player of mid tier quality. (normally the DAP flogs every phone out there, yes, including the infamous LG QuadDAC things). Maybe use software to reclaim the sound you are seeking from those ‘cans.
Mar 4, 2020
I already got a pair of Dt990s and there is a very minor detail suffering and off course I am already using a tube amp. I have the DolbyAtmos but it worsening the sound that improving it. There are no effecient apps on Google play 😔
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