Massdrop x Naked & Famous Ichiban Denim Review!
This is a review of my Massdrop x Naked & Famous Ichiban selvedge jeans!
Original drop link for the curious:
Where to begin with these? Let’s start with the fabric. The fist thing to notice about this pair is the lighter shade of indigo in the warp threads, owing to the natural dye used in this pair. Many more expensive fabrics use synthetic dye in production (though this comes down to personal preference; natural and synthetic dyes each come with their own pros and cons). However, as Natural indigo fades, it is known to develop more subtle, “vintage” variation in hue across the garment. This is in part because natural indigo bonds much more effectively to cotton, in turn slowing down the fade process somewhat. This has been my experience so far with this pair, but it is showing (small) beautiful signs of wear thus far! It is my first go at a natural indigo pair, so wish me luck!
The fabric weighs in at a very manageable 13.75oz, which is on par with most other standard offerings in the raw denim space. Not too heavy for a beginner, but nothing to scoff at either; it has a satisfying heft, and a surprisingly crunchy hand feel that retains post-soak. After a cold soak there was very little shrinkage in this sanforized pair, though the natural (as opposed to white) weft poked through even more, which lent the fabric a brighter appearance after the soak. There’s not a ton of slub happening here, but the jeans have a nice texture nonetheless, and after a week of wear they are supremely comfortable.
The Weird Guy fit is a classic Naked & Famous staple, and on my legs it wears a bit like the classic 501 “anti-fit”, which is to say this fit would look great on anyone. Not tight by any means, but this works great for me and many others.

As always, the patch is both cool and hilarious, in a beautiful natural veg-tan leather. Branded hardware, etc, you guys know the deal.
I look forward to beating the hell out of these, and I’ll try to post a followup later on this year.
Happy New Year all!
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