Hammock Tarp/Rainfly
I would like to see some drops for a hammock tarp/rainfly. Anyone else?
thumb_upaierk, Jackie-Lynn, and 11 others

Feb 7, 2018
Zpacks cuben tarp with doors has won out for me after ttying soooo many others - Zpacks does drops here from time to time and that would help with the sticker shock for his tarps Theres a TON of room under it for living space in a downpour and for closing up in really cold weather. and with an attached continuous ridgeline from dutchwear the whole thing weighs just 9oz including four stakes and guylines
Sea to Summit UL hammock with the built in straps replaced by amsteel whoopie slings rounds out a SUL hanging house
I also have an MLD solomid XL innernet that can couple with that zpacks tarp and my trekking poles for a doublewall tent when im trekking in an area where theres not enough trees around. I’d love to see some MLD drops here
Feb 7, 2018
Jan 16, 2018
It would certainly be nice, I am currently in the market for a new one myself. It will be my only tarp, so im stuck between getting a tarp with doors or a standard hex.
Jan 16, 2018
If you are going with only one... I would personally recommend the Winter Dream 11/12 from UGQ Outdoors (with pole mod) for versatility (you give up a few ounces, more with poles). I've used a generic tarp, a Kelty Noah, a 11 foot UGQ hex tarp and the 12 foot WD with pole mods. I camp in areas and during times of year that can be very cold, very windy and or very wet. The Winter Dream has alleviated all of my issues and has room so my bridge hammock won't rub the sides (thanks to pole mod).
Edited to say the UGQ does drops on here for their tarps... probably won't see them until the "slow season" Their Black Friday sales usually keep them busy filling orders until March.
Jan 19, 2018