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Country of origin on listings

As a new group member, I browsed through the Massdrop listings and found only a few items had country of origin in the specifications. As US law states: In the United States, the marking statute, Section 304, Tariff Act of 1930, as amended (19 U.S.C. 1304) requires that, unless excepted, every article of foreign origin (or its container) imported into the U.S. shall be marked with its country of origin. Since this is the case, the country of origin for all Massdrop listings is known. So far, the few items where it is shown are things with a point of pride in where they are made: USA, western Europe, Japan, Canada, etc. While items manufactured in China do not give country of origin. Do they not have pride in products made in China? Or Viet Nam? Malaysia? Etc?
There are website retailers who put the country of origin on all of their listings. Sierra Trading Post (now part of the TJ Maxx family, unfortunately), or Fat Brain Toys (where you can even select country of origin in your search!) Some people could care less where what they purchase is manufactured. Some of us do care, and prefer to direct our funds to countries with common values. I for one am not willing to pay first world prices for second or third world labor. Would you buy a Rolex watch for $10,000 made in China if Rolex moved their operation there? The wealthy population of China certainly would not. They know better.
In today's world, we cannot reasonably escape purchasing products made in China. After all, I am typing this on an Apple keyboard attached to an iMac. Wouldn't it have been cool had Apple's base of manufacturing been kept here in the USA? Or if not here, then Canada? Ireland? South Africa?
It would do no harm for all websites that sell products to put the country of origin in plain view with the other specifications. The word "imported" is commonly used on many websites and in catalogs. This is a veiled attempt at "made somewhere you're not going to be happy about when it arrives at your house." To the retailers I say, If you are not ashamed of where the products you're selling come from, then show us right up front.


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