Turntable Preamp?

Are the amps in the drops usable for turntables or they're just for headphones ? If there isn't I would love to see move turntable-related drops :)
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Aug 5, 2016
Something you might consider is getting an inexpensive but high quality audio interface such as Focusrite 2i4, and then running your turntable to the inputs of that interface, and then out from the interface to a pair of powered monitors, like JBL LSR305 or 308's . That will sound really *REALLY* good. (depending the quality of your turntable and stylus.) But the best part is that you will then be able to record the LP as it plays with a free program like Audacity, (or your DAW of choice) and preserve the sound of it in perfect detail and play it on your iphone if you like, and keep your LP's safe in their protective sleeves.
I would highly recommend getting a new stylus or cleaning the one you have very well, and cleaning your records using the wood glue method (yes wood glue, see youtube on that) to pull all the decades of crud out of the grooves, and ensure the best possible recording. Then convert the resulting wav file to lossless or high bit-rate file type of choice using iTunes. Then you are not limited to the sound of your turntable setup and can play your recorded LPs on anything anywhere anytime. I bought an Audio Technica AT-LP120 turntable with a new Shure stylus to convert a record collection in exactly that way. It works amazingly well. If you like the sound of LP's that is the way to go. If you like the cool factor of handling records and flipping them over as they slowly degrade each time they get played, and being limited to where you can listen to them, then maybe is not such a good solution for you.
Aug 5, 2016
No, you cannot use a headphone amp as a phono preamp. The confusing thing is that the term "preamp" is used in different ways and we need to be clear what we are talking about.
The output signal from a phono cartridge needs to have RIAA equalization applied, and the signal is low so it must be amplified to bring it up to line level. These steps are performed by a "phono preamp". Stereo receivers and preamps may have phono input jacks which connect to their built-in phono preamp. Or a phono preamp can be a separate component that has a phono input and line level output.
Most turntables do NOT have a built-in phono preamp (such as this one on Massdrop: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/music-hall-mmf-2-2-turntable). You would need to connect it to a separate phono preamp before using it with a headphone amp.
Aug 4, 2016
Headphone amps are totally useable with a turntable. If the turntable has a phono preamp built in you can go straight into pretty much any headphone amp with RCA cables. If it does not you would need a phono preamp to go in between.
Same goes for powered speakers, etc.
Aug 12, 2016
Aug 12, 2016
yeah, dropped a day or two after my comment lol, thx tho
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