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I hate DHL

When is Massdrop going to realize that your customers in the USA are not well served by using DHL and frankly get irritated by the couriers slow shipping and delayed DELIVERY to my local POST OFFICE???
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Massdrop is not price competitive with Amazon most times and has slower delivery and tracking. Can you tell me how that equation works????
Almost at the end of the rope with Massdrop if they continue to ship with DHL. Packages arrive at their facility 10 miles from my house, then disappear for almost a week before delivery. Their response: "Tendered to USPS." I'm calling B.S. I can ship the same package 2500 miles across the country via basic, inexpensive first class USPS mail and it only takes 2-3 days. Amazon Prime shipping is free, takes 1-2 days, is easy to do returns - and their prices are usually comparable to Massdrop (at least for those of us in the US). I'm not the first, and certainly won't be the last customer to drop Massdrop over the complete joke known as DHL.
Well out of the items I've purchased I can now add my complaints. Bought a small lighter that was shipped out last Tuesday. It was supposed to arrive this Tuesday (sept 20) but because of dhl, it's now been changed to the 28th. This is coming from nj and going to MA. It's a four hour drive. There's no reason this should take over 10 days to arrive. I could walk that distance faster than this. I wonder if part of the problem is that dhl works with usps. They are the worst! I have another package with them that was supposed to arrive last Friday. When I look up the tracking info they show the item as being in oh. The last update was Wednesday last week and it still shows the estimated delivery as last Friday.
If it is indeed usps, then that will explain it. They are the worst carriers or them all. It's no wonder they are basically bankrupt (would be if it were for the government).
To Massdrop, I think the biggest issue and thing that upsets me most is that we already have to wait a long time to receive the item since we are sending group orders to the manufacturers to be fulfilled. Having to them wait even longer because the package carriers can't seem to perform the one function they exist for really makes people like me upset. I don't mind wait for the order to be fulfilled since you tell us this ahead of time. What gets me is paying for a service to deliver, have that service give me a delivery date, then fail to deliver.
As a European I love DHL. Use the Amazon own Courier once to gauge what a truly awful courier service is. Atleast you get your package with DHL, Amazon will give it to a passing stranger (literally this happened to me, the delivery driver claimed it was my neighbour. But no, the man brought it around a few days later and was like ???Amazon handed me this and said it was mine???) Turns out if you walk infront of someone's house it makes you the owner of said house. Amazon logic.
I ordered something on July 24, waited for it to finally ship on Aug 9th. The 'warehouse' in NJ is 4hrs north of me and it took 3 days to travel 3hrs from me. Then it stalled with a 'tendered to USPS'. It's been 14 days from ship date, and just found out after calling DHL, my package is in Orlando FL. That is 12hrs south of me! I've had USPS get things from west coast to east coast in 3days. Now DHL says they are not sure where it is and I should ask the sender for a re-shipment. Sounds good except Massdrop doesn't have any 'extras' lying around to send. If I'm lucky I may get another chance at one in 4 weeks I was told. Then have to pray DHL doesn't lose this one or take a month to figure out where it is at. If you're reading those Massdrop, tell me how any of this makes sense?
Hi There,
Thanks for your feedback regarding your experience with one of our shipping couriers. We are always reading these comments and look into every report made by our community members when it comes to our shipping couriers. Please see the following Help Center entry in regards to shipping feedback, and if you have further feedback or comments please use the Support link on the page.
Thank you again and have a good one.
Is this just lip service from Massdrop or are you going to actually poll your customers and see if there is widespread discontent with DHL????
DHL is capable of extraordinary levels of service. When I order keyboard parts from Zeal PC (based in Canada) they get delivered NEXT DAY, usually before lunch, and I'm about as far as you can get from Canada and still be in the contiguous US. UPS and FedEx have never delivered to me that quickly. And I don't pay out the ass for it either -- my shipping cost is usually around $18. DHL is also fairly well respected in other parts of the world.
The problem is that we're not buying that level of service from DHL. We're buying the absolute cheapest shit they offer. Whoever organized this partnership with DHL didn't realize what they were buying. DHL Global Mail is the slowest, least-tracked freight option available. Even USPS Parcel Post is faster. A meandering burro is faster. The WORST part about it is that it includes a "last-leg" hand off to USPS for every delivery. So we are LITERALLY adding a middleman to the entire logistics process just to save a few pennies. PENNIES. USPS Priority is not only much faster, but it's maybe 15-20 cents more at the same freight level.
It's asinine to continue using DHL Global Mail. Cut out the pointless middleman and just use USPS (at least 1st Class if not Priority). The savings we're getting with DHL is not worth it.
I suppose I've been lucky to have avoided DHL most anywhere (Amazon, ebay, etc) because they really don't have a good track record. I think the last time I had someone ship DHL, it also went to the local post office for some reason. Feels like they are trying to use the same business scheme as MVNOs like T-mobile: use someone else's network for as cheaply as possible.
I actually just sent a similar email to customer support. Estimated delivery is a complete joke and they need to step beyond the 1970's when it was standard practice to assume "four to six weeks for processing and delivery". They have changed their ESTIMATE twice already and I have zero faith that it will be less than three weeks from shipment to having it in my hand.
****UPDATE!**** The package was (and still is) scheduled to arrive Monday per DHL. It is now Tuesday and they stand by their estimate. Their page says it is now in the hands of USPS. The USPS site says that they have actually received notice that it is coming but they do not have it yet. How's that for efficient communication and quality in a shipping choice?
The Pony Express was faster - I'm being serious. Their tracking is so bad, it might as well be non-existent.
DHL is like a [ice cream truck] pay it money and then it [gives you ice cream]
After over a week from the time that Massdrop said they'd sent the product to DHL and DHL said they'd received it, I finally got a new notice from the USPS stating that they'd received the package and were estimating delivery the next day. The next day, DHL showed an estimated delivery date two days out. The package was delivered and DHL's site was updated THE NEXT DAY to reflect that the package would be delivered another day out...I already had it in my hand for 24 hours. Seriously, they're slower than just the USPS would be, their tracking is HORRIBLE, their communication is obviously horrible and from what I'm hearing, they're not appreciably less expensive than the USPS, so...