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Brew Talk! PicoBrew Model C


So the guys over at Picobrew sent us our very own model C to test and brew with and we finally got a change to get things started! Unboxing the Picobrew Model C was easy and quick and easy, all boxes were clearly labeled and all components arrived in pristine condition, thanks to Pico's wonderful packaging and box layout. This is also a refurbished model, same item we featured in our drop, no issues at all!

Once we got the Model C all setup we had a little trouble linking it to the internet but this is most likely due to the VPN protection of our wireless system, so we used a hotspot and we were off and running! The machine connected within a minute or two and began displaying its own information and then we selected and followed the instructions for the first cleaning processes. All steps were displayed clearly and concisely so we had no trouble at all following along with the Model C's instructions.

Once we completed the cleaning process it was time to BREW! We opened up the 21st Amendment Brewery Pico Pack Box which contained of course the Pico Pack, hops, dry hops, solid carbonation crystals and yeast. We then headed right over to Picobrew's Instructional videos to start the step by step brew process. If this is your first time, I strongly suggest you watch the instructional videos, they are tremendously helpful as some of the packages in the Pico Pack are not labeled and this helps discern what goes where. After placing the Pico Pack and Hops Cradle into the step filter as the video instructed we began to set up the brewing and fermentation keg, simple as 1-2-3. After this step it was just time to top off the top reservoir of the machine and start brewing!

Once the machine came to life it began to groan and hiss a little but thats all described in the owner's manual and videos, your Model C is acting normal and is NOT going to blow up or spray hot water everywhere, it's just letting you know its hard at work :). I would say this sound is a bit loud but its doing so much! Once the heating system got up to temp a wonderful aroma began to fill the office, I mean everyone was looking around trying to figure out what it was and where it was coming from. Some patrons of the beer hobby knew exactly what it was and wanted to take a peek, as they have not seen a self contained brewing machine before, others remarked on what a unique scent it was. Over all the office smelling like a brewery was a huge plus on a friday, needless to say, drinking ensued after hours! Just look at that amber goodness in the bottom of the step-filler in the image below!

The entire brew process took about 2.5 hours total, once completed, we removed the Keg Cozy, slapped the temperature sticker on the fermentation keg and began to let the wort cool down. After getting the fermentation capped and placed into a controlled temp environment, we began the cleaning process.

Now its time to sit back and let that Yeast do its thing. Stay tuned!

If you are brewing with Pico Brew C/Pro or just brewing in general, tell us what you think and what your doing!
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It's been a month, hows it going?
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