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A classic new Ipod

I guess all of us know that the Ipod is almost dead So how about approaching apple for a classic yet modern IPod! a massdrop classic maybe, this is for my love for IPod's (only if apple can do that)

I would totally support it, but mine still works 😜
I don't think apple cares about audio quality to the extent enthusiasts do. And unless the niche is "obsessed apple fanboy", they don't really do niche products either.
I doubt it, more like get company to make an iPod inspired player but then that company would be risking to get sue.
I honestly think that the reason why Apple doesn't do iPods anymore is because people now generally use their smartphones for audio listening. That along with how Apple's consumer demographic is meant for pretty much everyone, Apple doesn't do iPods anymore. I would assume that dedicated portable, on the go audio devices have advantages such as general amping, better sound output, etc,, but the general market doesn't care about that. Apple doesn't really have the time nor the business model to cater to what is now a niche community. I'm sure Massdrop could do something with another worth brand though, I did like the iPods while they were out too.
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Agree - excellent for streaming Spotify, too.
Yep, and its incredible for cars.
I doubt very much Apple would ever do a boutique collaboration with anyone. A nice thought though!