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Interest Check: Spices on Massdrop


Hey guys! We finally have our first spices available on Massdrop:
Burlap & Barrel Chef's Choice Spice Set www.massdrop.com/buy/burlap-barrel-chefs-choice-spice-set

Let us know what you think and what suggestions you might have in the discussion below.
cwcobb, Californian, and 38 others

In general, I only get whole (if applicable) spices in 1+ lb bags from high-volume spice dealers online. That way I know I'm getting good product that hasn't been sitting around for a long time in a storehouse and it helps that you can usually find great prices.
For something from massdrop, I'd be into getting something pre-mixed and smaller. Difficult ethnic mixes like regional curry spice blends or even dry rubs for barbecue would be nice.
Good point! One thing that makes Burlap and Barrel unique is how fresh our spices are. We work directly with farmers and local cooperatives to get their most recent harvest delivered directly to use. For a number of our spices, we're the only US importer of these unique varietals because they are so hard to come by. For most of our spices, we also sell 16 fl oz "foodservice" size container - the larger quantities lets us drop the cost. Check out www.burlapandbarrel.com to see if there's anything there that might be good to feature on Massdrop!
I like the idea of being able to pick maybe 3 to 5 from a variety of 15 or so. I tend to buy spices in bulk when I am almost out of them, so right now, for example, I need cumin and cinnamon but not sumac or turmeric. (And I dry my own ginger, garlic, onion, et cetera, but if I could get good quality powders for those I'd save myself the trouble. )
Also, this is just idle wishfulness, but one day I'd like to get a variety pack of, say, 1/2 ounce each of all the different varieties of paprika, so I could once and for all decide which one I like best. I always buy Hungarian, but maybe Spanish is better for certain dishes?
Finally, glass jars is the way to go. I will spend about twice as much as I strictly need to in order to get spices in glass instead of plastic.
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Hi Jennifer - how about choosing 3-6 jars from 16. :) The drop is live now! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/burlap-barrel-mix-and-match-spice-sets
Fantastic - I just joined!
need to have the basic stuff available , onion powder , chili powder , garlic powder , cumin , black pepper , etc .
Check out our new drop with 16 different jars of spices (including cumin, black pepper, chili power, and more!): https://www.massdrop.com/buy/burlap-barrel-mix-and-match-spice-sets
I think the only spice I would regularly use from this set is the cinnamon one. I definitely agree it would be great if we could pick our own spices from some choices. I do think some that are season-appropriate would be good at the right times - rubs for bbq season, certain spices for thanksgiving/christmas holidays. Or just offer up 15 spices and let someone choose 3-5 spices per drop.
Good idea on offering 15 spices and letting people pick!
We did it - here's a drop with 16 of our spices. Check it out! https://www.massdrop.com/buy/burlap-barrel-mix-and-match-spice-sets
Nice selection; I think this box would do better around Thanksgiving and Christmas, esp as a gift, than it would right before BBQ season.
We've got some good BBQ spices as part of a new drop where you can mix and match from a set of 16 spices.
I'm intrigued by the offering, but I don't want to buy spices that I know I'll never use, so the fixed set is not appealing. I'm sure I'd use all of the chili powder before I used any of the cinnamon, for example. Maybe sell individual spices, or let me choose which spices I get. I realize the adds significant complication, so may not be worth the trouble, but maybe you can make it work.
I'd also like to get more info about each spice -- entice me with some stories of your exotic spices!
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True, but they sure don't need to sit around for another couple of years before I'm ready to use them 🤣
Check out our new drop - it's a mix and match set where you get to choose from a set of 16 jars. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/burlap-barrel-mix-and-match-spice-sets
Good feedback. We source amazing saffron from Afghanistan and could do a spice set that includes it.
I do have a concern about the Cured Sumac as many folks are allergic to Poison Oak, or tropical fruits that are closely related to Sumac. I for one would not be using this spice as I have am allergic to Mango which is related to Sumac.
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Salvia divinorum and Salvia officinalis are related the difference being one causes intense hallucinations and the other goes well with butter. My point being being "related" does not necessarily mean one will experience the same reaction. Again caution is urged but depending on one's level of severity in reactions ingesting something "related" can be absolutely fine.
I react so severely, I will just leave them alone and not worry about what might or might not happen.
I'd like to see some spice racks as well!
I'd buy em all.
We now have 16 different spices as part of anew drop, check it out: https://www.massdrop.com/buy/burlap-barrel-mix-and-match-spice-sets
I like spices. You gonna fill my rack?
Can we do matcha related products as well?
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matcha?? Can you please explain?