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hd 6xx or not to?

I have the hd 660s and love them however should i get the hd6xx before the massdrop finishes or get aim for something else? I have a Schiit Jotunheim with multibit.

Rather than buying that, I'd sell the HD 660S and get something much better like a good planar or electrostat. Dynamic headphones/speakers are good for entry level, that's it.
A better upgrade would be a elex or u could get a different flavour of headphone like a 4XX. The 6XX and 660s are too close to justify owning both.
never look back. save the cash and move forward
I have the Jot MB, The HD660S', and the HD6XX's (and the HD600, and HD650...patiently awaiting the HD58X). Are you running your 660's off of the balanced side of the amp? I run mine balanced and the sound is fantastic. I would recommend the HD6XX if you're on the fence about it. While the HD660S' have a more analytical sound, the sound of the HD6XX is quite different, wonderfully warm, yet still detailed, and also very satisfying which is often just what the doctor ordered. If you do get the HD6XX be sure to get a balanced cable for them as well. They sound quite different (better) when run off the balanced side than from the single-ended side, and I much prefer the sound from the balanced side. Most of the time I run my 300 ohm Senns off of a Woo WA3 tube amp (next level stuff IMHO), but when I'm not listening to music (watching video) I'll use the Jot (save the tubes and all).
I was A/B testing the SE side of the Jot vs the Magni 3. The M3 gives the Jot a run for its money on the SE side. The first Magni I would recommend for use with the 300ohm Senns.
I have some 4xx, Ath m 40x and superlux 681 :). I started in this a short time ago. I also have a dac / amp The element, a little bear b4 and I have joined the massdrop of the DV. I had in mind to buy some HD 600 or the 660s later. Which one would you recommend?. forgive my bad English
I would have never guessed English was not your native tongue. I can also guarantee I couldn't speak or write in your language. I'm preparing a long answer to your question and will post it soon.
Get it so that this specific longggggg drop ends quicker!.... On a serious note, if I already have 660s, i wouldn't think about a 6xx. I don't have one and hence why i placed an order in Feb.