How would one set this up at a desk to work along with a standalone DAC, to drive both headphones and PC speakers? RCA from PC to DAC, RCA from DAC to amp, line out from amp to PC speakers? Then for the headphones, just use the headphone jack on the amp?


Dec 20, 2020
check out for a non-janky, non-splitter option to switch sending the signal from your DAC to a) the headphone amp or b) your speakers (direct to powered speakers or to a stereo receiver, etc). or ditch this and get the JDS atom amp, which i will probably "downgrade" to at some point. that thing checks all the boxes for me...
Aug 27, 2020
If you wanted to run a set of speakers and headphones, you wouldnt use this for the speakers. I would suggest the following PC usb to DAC 2x RCA splitters from DAC (unless your DAC has both a 3.5 and RCA outputs) If your DAC has both outputs RCA to amp 3.5 to speaker amp (more powerful than headphone amp). Adapters may be necessary here Otherwise, you'd run one set of the split RCAs to the headphone amp, and the other set to the speaker amp
Jul 29, 2020
Firstly, if you are using an external DAC, the PC output will be digital (USB, optical, or coax), then you would use RCA from the DAC to the amp. Secondly, this amp doesn't have a line out, only 2 headphone outs. To use both PC speakers and a headphone with this amp you would essentially have to use a splitter coming out of the headphone jack (which would be janky, imo). Alternatively, you could use headphones with the above mentioned hook-up when you want to enjoy higher quality sound, while also using the analog output from your PC to feed your PC speakers when you don't necessarily need the best sound quality. This is essentially how I currently have my system configured in fact.
Jul 29, 2020
That makes sense. I didn't even realize it doesn't have a line out... And agreed, a splitter on the headphone out is kinda jank (although who knows, would the sound quality still be intact?). So like you said, the amp is really solely for enhancing headphone listening. Thanks!