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Thank you, Drop

Thanks for responding to the community by reverting back to the normal audiophile shop section. This honestly may sound kind of sarcastic but I assure, it's in earnest.

I can’t find the original Drop discussion post that previewed the Sennheiser Spotlight (people were speculating that there might be a new collaboration), but it was always intended to be a 3 day special event. Were you here during the Massdrop days? Instead of keeping some items regularly in stock, every day would be an email with a fresh selection of items, highlighting cool knives, or maybe board games, or quilting/knitting/sewing. Some days, the focus wasn’t exciting for me, but when something like a Headphone day came around I was very excited. The HD 6XX is probably Drop’s best-selling item ever. Before that, I don’t think they ever sold a Sennheiser product. Just speculating –you might be able to see Drop’s (and Sennheiser’s) perspective that if there are a lot of Sennheiser fans here, it might be cool to focus on a wider selection than they’ve ever had before of products at many price tiers. Everything was at sale prices (though most retailers were running sales at the same time, due to MAP pricing), and Drop tried to sweeten the pot further by giving up to 15x more loyalty rewards credit per dollar spent than ever before. I bet Drop earnestly thought it might be a cool change of pace to focus on one of its most popular brands, and collaborate with said brand for the selection. Now, I can see where your perspective is disconnected from what Drop thought they were doing. You might’ve been wondering where the other “perpetual stock” audiophile items were, and be annoyed that it took an extra step to go around the featured content. Maybe you already have a Sennheiser, and you were looking for accessories, or you don’t like Sennheiser. Maybe you didn’t realize the rewards points added up to $20, $50, or even up to $300 extra store credit in addition to the sale prices... I know a lot of people didn’t get that, because they said in the discussions that they were the same price at Amazon, which was true except for the rewards credit. Or maybe you didn’t think the event was special if it wasn’t announcing an exclusive new product collaboration. This may sound kind of critical or sarcastic, but I’m not being judgmental. I said “maybe” at the start of almost every sentence, because I don’t know for sure and I honestly am curious why people felt so strongly negative about this. Personally, I already have a wide variety of headphones, and I lost a lot of income this year (even before COVID) so I couldn’t participate, but I was surprised people reacted so strongly to a sale, when discounts seem to be one of the strongest motivators around here. If you would like to share your perspective, I would genuinely be interested. And who knows who else might take note?
Jun 16, 2020
All I would've needed is a little button at the bottom of the page that takes me to the normal audiophile category.
cooljoe123Seems reasonable to me. I also browse Drop (and Head-Fi) almost exclusively on mobile. In the past, I just wasn’t in a place where I could use a desktop, or at home I just want to briefly check my forums while doing other things.
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