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Next Monk Plus Color?

Hi everyone! We've been excited about how the Venture Electronics Monk Plus (the $5 wonder) has been received in the audiophile community. We decided to let you all decide which color of the earbud we'll run next. You can cast your vote on the poll here:
And here's the options! I'm having quite a difficult time choosing myself. Please do note these colors are a work in progress. There's expected to be some variance in the final production color.
Forest Green
Translucent Blue
Translucent Clear
akhats, DriverSELRitoGT1, and 18 others

Forest Green!
I'm not sure why the monk gets so much praise to be completely honest. For only $5 more, you can get the Yincrow X6, which is pretty damn great.
Translucent Clear
Still have never understood the hype behind these, neither me nor my son particularly like the set of Monk Plus Espresso edition (they most assuredly were NOT $5) I got a while back. Uncomfortable and just meh sound. My Anker Soundbud curves sound/feel better and cost about the same.
Liking the clear. $5 you say!?
The Clear looks great
To go with my midnight blue, translucent blue, and Ferrari Red
clear looks good
The clear is cool cuz it reminds me of the electronics you get in prison that are clear to make sure you ain't hiding a shank or drugs inside of em
Mint Green or gtfo
The clear makes it look more expensive than it is.
Earbuds for children!
Translucent Clear seems sicc yet clean
forest green please
So..this is the ve monk military edition
i like the silver
Transparent pink
Clears are pretty sick.
Clear :)
When is this going to happen? I need to buy about 10 more pairs for Christmas presents. These things are amazing.
Ide say Green, its something new and different and would look nice next to my red ones as we near the Christmas season
Forest Green or Clear
Release clear and blue together! I personally love the clear, but the blue isn't too bad. Either way, I'd buy a pair of both at the same time if given the chance.
Clear is always neat looking
Forest Green or Translucent Clear