How do these compare to the Audio Technical MSR7? I’ve had the MSR7’s for a while and I’m looking to graduate to something new, as well as upgrade my amp setup. I’ve very much enjoyed the sound signature of the MSR7’s, although my only complaint is that the treble can be a bit fatiguing during longer listening. I’m looking to get something that matches the MSR7 in its detail and open sound stage but might be a little less fatiguing. Do I maybe just need to move into a higher price range?


Jul 6, 2020
Owned both. With respect to sound quality and comfort, the 6xx are a direct upgrade to the MSR7. One note is that, in general, open-back headphones will have a bigger soundstage than closed-backed headphones, and the 6xx and MSR7 are no exception. Level of detail between the two is closer but still superior in the 6xx, and the slightly warmer, smoother sound profile of the 6xx is less fatiguing also. Personally I also found that, in addition to the fatigue, the MSR7 weren't terribly comfortable, unlike the 6xx which I can wear for hours without complaint (once you break in the high clamp pressure). The fact the 6xx are in fact open-back is however a downside when it comes to sound isolation, and they're also harder to drive than the MSR7. Depending on where you plan to listen and how/if you plan to amp them, the MSR7 might suit you better. But for quiet home listening with even a modest amp there is not much better for the price than the 6xx.