Need a comfort headphone for a big head

Hello, I recently decided to buy something more close to "audiophile" than I usually do. I only had "gaming headsets" because they are just easy to use as plug and play. My first attempt, pretty sure it was a bad decision, but i got the Sennheiser GSP-500, I have a fulla 3 so I guess it would give a great performance for someone who uses a logitech g933, but i find that a part from their clamping force(that I'm sure it would get better over time), I was using at maximum size and yet the headband was hurting me and gave me headaches after 30 minutes or so, I just returned them. So, the problem here is, where I live I cant get any of the majors brand officially, only Sennheiser and we got limited models over here, so I have pretty much to import from overseas. That said, I cant really return something that i bought from another country(I guess I could but will take time and be so hard to do on COVID times), so it's kinda silver bullet here.... I did some research and I was really close to get the Sennheiser HD599, which I read a lot about its comfort, but they are sold out here. Since getting overseas brings me a whole new world, I'm here to ask if anyone with a big head here could give me some light. Under $200 would be nice, but its not a hard limit. I will use for music/work and play games. p.s.: Mic is not a worry here. Thank you,

Sep 16, 2020
Like one other mentioned, I love my Sennheiser HD 6XX. I've got a big head and big ears and the oval shape of the 6XX is comfortable and it's a light headphone. I upgraded to balanced cables to take full advantage of my amp/dac units. If you have a balanced amp, that's a consideration. Good luck!
Jul 16, 2020
Sennheiser HD58X or 6XX because you can bend the metal sliders in the headband to adjust the clamp pressure to your liking.