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What do you want to see in a Drop-exclusive DAC?

I'd love to see what kinds of DACs people would like to see Drop make. I'll start off... My end game would probably cost well beyond $600 despite knowing Drop would probably not break the $400 price point. I've got two lists of desired features below: the first being the features I care most about, and the second being those I don't care about but will always be pleased to see. PLEASE, PLEASE:
  1. THX AAA 789 footprint and case style
  2. Topping D90 performance
  3. Top-of-the-line AKM chip... maybe two
  4. Fully balanced
  5. Remote
  6. Bluetooth 5.0 (AptX, LDAC, all that stuff)
  7. USB: 32-bit 768kHZ, DSD 512, MQA (I mostly listen to Tidal); SPDIF: 24-bit 192kHz, DoP 256 (I don't need this level of craziness, but increased mass appeal increases likelihood of sales)
  8. USB-C! PLEASE just go with USB-C. USB-B is a minimum. If I see mini or micro, I'll enter your grandma's house and spill marinara sauce mixed with motor oil on her favorite chair.
  9. Selectable (forced) sample rate
  10. Selectable filters
  1. Fixed / variable RCA output (better yet, XLR if it will fit)
  2. Preamp capability (analog volume control is better than digital)
  3. IIS input (if it will fit, I don't even know what to use it with)
  4. Crossfeed (only if it's high quality)
  5. Parametric EQ (5-band or more)
  6. Analog-to-digital conversion (for digitizing my records, cassettes, etc.)
I've listed a lot of flagship features since the more people attracted to the product, the more people would likely buy it; the more people likely to buy it, the more likely it is to be manufactured in the first place. How about you guys? What do you care about? Do you want a balanced R2R Ladder DAC, do you want a portable? What kind of DAC(s) do you guys want to see?


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