Dec 26, 2020
Jealous! By the time I discovered this dac/amp it was no longer in production. Glad to hear you are enjoying it!
Jul 31, 2020
How do you like the Klipsch amp?
Aug 1, 2020
I definitely enjoy it! I'd give more detail than that, but I went from a little Fiio E10k to this thing, so I don't have much reference to other premium amp/dac combos. It was definitely a big step up from the E10k, which given its like 5x the price we would hope so haha. Most reviews I've read look favorably on it, though they are harder to find than I'd have expected. I really like the number of inputs options and I wanted a combo Dac-amp instead of two units so it fit my needs well. I really like the sound and the build quality is absolutely top notch. Love the aesthetic (as you can see with the matching stand). I snagged it at $375 from an open box sale, at which I think it's an incredible value; as that price put it under a THX AAA 789 ($400 at the time) while incorporating a DAC. At full MSRP - $500 and the 789 being only $299 now, I think you've got a ton of options, so that makes it a tougher choice. It's driven everything I've owned very well, never seems to struggle and can get insanely loud if desired (protect your eardrums folks). Things I've used it with: Hifiman Arya, Senn 6XX, Beyer DT177x, B&O H6, B&W P7. all sounded good, with things like the Arya and 6XX benefiting the most; definitely felt the DT177x also benefited well from more power too despite the GO moniker.
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What Amp???
Hello audiophilers!! While I am waiting for my first bought item from Drop (can't wait!!) I was planning my next purchase ;-P... An amplifier... I wander which is better among the Drop O2 and drop+thx
Jul 4, 2022
Hello guys
How are you?
Jul 4, 2022
You only live once.
Let your ears fly!!! Vuela Vuela.
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Swedish shipping
Has any one whos swedish ordered from here ? Does it come with dhl or post nord ? Thanks in advance
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An upgrade to my Little Dot MKII
I made the decision to upgrade my modest Little Dot MKII Tube Amplifier this past week and it just got here yesterday. This is a used piece of gear, it's the first generation Woo Audio WA6. I wanted to go with Silver as it would match my Solid State Burson Conductor 3 Performance Headphone Amp/DAC/Pre-Amp, as well as the Schiit Lokius I also picked up recently. I wound up with Black; it was in the best condition of those I saw available, it was priced better and it came from an audio dealership with a brick & mortar store which displayed a working telephone number and an A+ rating with the BBB so I knew that I was probably safe in dealing with the gentleman. The Lokius is brand new. What I've learned is that I am going to have to do some figuring out how to deal with all of this new stuff, including how to get it all onto my 6 foot desk along with my lamp and modem. Apparently the Lokius has to be connected between Amp and DAC, so it would fit in between...
Jun 30, 2022
Need help for THX AAA One
Gonna get THX XXX One, may I know where can get Dc30v/0.4A UK plug or other alternative way to support this unit? Thanks.
Jun 25, 2022
tise are good
Jun 22, 2022