Aug 2, 2020: Creator Spotlight

Hey all, hope you’re doing well. With this installment of Creator Spotlights, we have officially become a weekly serialization! If you’re a first time reader, this is where I scour the internet and find all sorts of mechanical keyboard content creators - video, written, or audio - and share them here with you. My hope is that you find interesting content while helping creators in the mechanical keyboard community grow!  Without further ado here is this weeks around up! Goat
Why can’t I hold all these switches? With so many switches being released onto the market you’ll need to figure out which one is best for you. Our first community submission from @erickong is about theremingoat. This is a blog where Goat dives deep into particular switches. Their history, sound, feel, wobble, and anything else relevant. If you’re a fan of knowing every single detail about a switch, this is a blog to keep up with. It’s mind boggling that he has a collection of over 700 switchesKeyBonBon
KeyBonBon is a up and coming creator that poses questions and explores them with experiments. In this particular video KeyBonBon introduces what a switch film is and whether or not they actually affect the sound of the switch. I found this exposè along with the rest of his videos to be very educational and thorough.  Glarses
Keyboard based comedy. You wouldn’t know that’s a thing until you see what Glarses is producing. Deviating from the standard tech reviews or ASMR demos, Glarses adds funny comedy skits and memes around keyboard products. I’m not sure if this is the first channel to do keyboard comedy but it’s certainly the first one I’ve seen! I expect this channel to get super big quickly so you can pride yourself on “watching him before he went mainstream.”  As this is a new series feel free to give your feedback here. What did you like? What did you not like? What do you want to see more of? Have a creator you want to share? Are you a creator or know one? Post them here and we'll take a look.

close This is an amazing site to track caps
Aug 4, 2020
ThereminGoat can answer every question you've ever had about MX switches. Great guy too, really does his research and cites his sources, I've had some good chats with him. He demystifies the difference between all the new JWK switches!
I'll be calling him the "switch scholar" now :P
Aug 5, 2020
His collection isn't as impressive as HaaTa's, but he has all of the new switches we don't know much about. Hopefully ThereminGoat can get his hands on a high-sensitivity force sensing machine before long. He's mentioned he's out on an internship for the next few months, so it'd have to be some time after that.
Aug 4, 2020
Definitely check our Glarses! My friend told me about him and I had no idea it was even possible to make comedy about this hobby.
Aug 4, 2020
Glarses is funny as heck, and it's nice to relevate this great but kinda odd hobby we have.
Yea, I totally found him by chance. It'll be interesting to see how his content changes over time.