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When will EVERGLIDE SK87 keyboard kit come back in stock?

Hi peeps, I was wondering when will the EVERGLIDE SK87 keyboard kit come back in stock, i heard it was only 100us which is completely affordable for me. I wanted to get the drop ctrl barebones but it was just a bit out of my reach as the keycaps and the switches I want to get is around 100 CAD which totals up my sum to 300CAD if i want to build the drop ctrl.. and the Everglide would only come to around 225 CAD... cause the rates are so high here in canada I cant afford to spending that much on a keyboard but I also dont want to get a 60% or 65% because I use the f keys and arrow keys really often... Does anyone have any information as to when it will come back in stock?

Just hit request and wait. Drops only rerun after the current order has shipped out to everyone
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