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HyperX Cloud 2 - are they the best?

I'm planning on getting the cloud 2s, but I'm wondering if there are any other PC gaming headsets that are as good or better than the Cloud 2s. Also headsets that work as headphones for music? Thanks.

Aren't the cloud 2s the same as the 1s except it has 7.1 surround/usb dongle
The only headset i could recommend are the cloud 2's. Most other headsets compromise heavily on sound quality or mic quality. If you could tho, i would recommend picking up a decent pair of over the ear headphones. Then picking up something like a mod mic.
There are hyperx revolvers now and the mic sounds so much better than the hyperx clouds and cloud 2's. I personally have the clouds they are great but go with the revolvers.
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The revolvers? I have never heard them but I don;t know why other products would sound great but not the other.
..... because they are of higher quality?
I just picked up the Phillips SHO 9500 and the Mod Mic and it works great on the XBONE but i also see hyperx coming out with a 50$ headset soon that looks pretty good.
Headphones with a separate mic is always a better option.
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yes it always is
No, not always. Airplane headsets for example, are purpose built, and (usually) well made for said purposes.
While the Hyper X Cloud2 headphones are great, you could try out the Logitech G430's. If you want to go for something less 'gamer-ish' you could try out the Audio Technica ATH-M40x's!
Or none of the above.
For the price, you really cant beat the Cloud 2s. Sure there are better, but youll spend twice as much or more on them.
Just don't buy a gaming headset. Problem solved :P