Aug 17, 2020: Creator Spotlights

Well, hello there. Welcome to another edition of Creator Spotlights for the mechanical keyboard community here on Drop. If you’re a returning reader you already know the deal. For you greenhorns out there, this is a sort of newsletter where I search the Internet (along with the help of the community) to find and share interesting content about this hobby. The keyboard landscape is changing everyday so I hope you learn something new and support the hard effort creators put into their work. Another community submission from the reliable @erickong. There are so many keycap group buys happening that it can be hard to track them all. This handy web-app catalogs the past, present, and future of keycap group buys! Also for the for the data-nerds, there is an interesting trend graph about the total keycap GBs over time. If you want to help maintain the calendar they have a discord you can join as well.   CruzCtrl
Following the thread of last week’s “making artisans” theme, I wanted to explore how to make custom cables. CruzCtrl comes through with his super in-depth tutorials on how to coil a cable. While you’ll have to obtain a cable somewhere yourself, adding the coil design can be that last finishing touch to make the perfect setup. CruzCtrl also has a lot of other tutorials on his channel so check it out if you want to become a keyboard producer yourself!  Chokkan
Short and to the point, Chokkan goes through some mods a person can do with their keyboard. Great for beginners just getting into the hobby but want to take that extra step down the rabbit hole.  Like what you see here?  Give these creators your support with a subscribe, follow, or a nice comment. Also, as this is a new series, feel free to provide feedback here. What did you like? What did you not like? And most importantly, if you have creators you want to be featured leave them here too!  Cheerio!

Aug 19, 2020
checking it out now... cool! thanks!
Wow, you are so in the know! Thanks for the shares!