Why do high-end gaming headphones have garbage microphones compared to ultra-cheap ones?

The title says everything already. I'll be honest; if you really want bang for your buck, get a pair of these Xiberia V22 Gaming Headphones off of Amazon. Sound quality isn't perfect by any means, but it is certainly more than acceptable, they're very comfortable, and the best part: their microphone is excellent. This is all for a 30$ price point, and I've had 25$ headphones that have all the same features just with less comfort and build quality. Why is it that top-notch headphone manufacturers can't match the presumably incredibly cheap microphones of these most basic gaming headphones? I understand it's not easy to compare Chinese manufacturing to that of western manufacturing, but hell when the price is 6x times that of these cheapos (like with the PC38X), I'd expect at least something of real mic quality. I can pull up side by side videos and it's immediately clear that Sennheiser microphones can not compare at all. So the real question is; what's the limiting factor for Sennheiser? Is it that the limited manufacture quantity makes them outright more expensive, even if certain features are ignored? Does the audiophile community not care for at least simple higher quality audio from their mics? I mean, of course I understand you don't need it, but I got compliments for having a high quality mic when in calls with people, only to tell them it's my cheap headphones; the same can't be said about Sennheisers. (EDIT: Only exemplifying my point, the 30$ headphones went on sale for 25)

Nov 21, 2020
From reviews and samples I think some Beyerdynamic headsets have great mics *Checked the model, it's the MMX 300 2nd Gen
Oct 26, 2020
I've never had any Sennheiser headphones, but I've tried some lower quality turtle beach and off brand gaming headsets that all cost under 30 bucks. All of the cheap ones I got either broke or had bad microphones. The set I use now are the Corsair Void RGB wireless. I've had them for two years, which is way longer than any other pair I've had lasted, and both the sound and mic quality are pretty good. About 3 or 4x the price of the cheap ones you mentioned(usually about $80-$100), but well worth it in my opinion.
Oct 16, 2020
I always used my open headphones with this cheap old lectern mic I had since forever. Always got comments about how crisp the audio was and if I used a blue yeti or what ever other $100+ microphones streamers use... Nope just my cheapy old mic that probably came with some desktop circa 1999... Just googled. It looked like this https://www.kozco.com/tech/audacity/pix/computerAnalogMicrophone.jpg
Oct 7, 2020
Cuz most headphiles disdain having a mic on their precious gear. A deal-breaker for sure.
Oct 7, 2020
I got a gaming hp (razer kraken v2 7.1) with positional audio and retractable mic for gaming. The mic seemed pretty good on that one. I guess headphiles just aren't in to talking while listening to hi-res and if they do gaming they use a mod mic?
That's fairly impressive as far as low-range expensive, name brand headphones go. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qSyyRDS3TK8 This is a video of the headset I spoke about; he recorded the entire video with the microphone on the actual headphones. Compared to the Razer, I'd say the Xiberia is still better. Compared with the Sennheisers, there's no competition.
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