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Another Drop That Is Amazing and Unique

It had to happen. I auditioned the Romanian built Meze 99 Neo and definitely fell I love. They are extremely comfortable although I actually really do enjoy the suspension headband. I feel like the headphones just "float" on my head so I forget I have them on. This offering from Drop is actually great deal too. The Meze 99 Classics are $309, while the Neo are $199. Same price as the Drop Noir. The sound is satisfyingly true to the design. These are beautifully crafted, Walnut closed back headphones. I love the black all metal hardware much more than the gold on the Classics. The chrome on the Neo is ok, but this understated black with dark walnut is impeccable. I should note they were just purchased and available, so they will arrive in 2 business days for a transport fee $5. The Neo went back to the store and $200 was credited. I cannot emphasize enough. You get what you pay for. The only exception in life where I have seen otherwise is with...headphones. There ar some strikingly good deals out there. Knowledge is king. I do my research. Read plenty and watch plenty of videos. I viewed a whole range of Walnut and Rosewood headphones from another manufacturer for half the price. I am sure they are good. But Im not going for good, Im going for Great! To take a chance on another Chi-Fi headphone is not my thing anymore. I read plenty of great reviews about wooden headphones. This, along with the other recently ordered Monoprhice M570 will be my first foray into wooden cans. I realize lots of musical instruments are made from wood, and there must be good reason for that. Something I will further research. Acoustic guitar, piano and violin are just a few. Now we will see the benefit of wood in audiophile headphones. I really welcome any comments in regard to wood headphones from users in the Drop Community. Thank you all for your comments as they are very valuable to me. Im thinking of starting a review channel on YouTube also. I have some great headphones, DACs and AMPs to discuss. Cables too. I don't know. I do know life is short and you should enjoy everything. Its all about living, not just surviving. My home office has become more cluttered after the recent death of my Mother first, then about 18 months later, my Father. I realize "things" cannot make up for my losses. Clutter is NOT a good thing. So I will purge again. Throwing out lots of boxes, paperwork and such. Selling others. I am trying to only bring in new headphones, DACs and AMPs right now. It literally is a daily love affair. See you at the next "Drop". -David


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