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iPhone 7 = need wireless headphones

Any plans to offer a selection of wireless headphones? With the release of the iPhone 7, you have 13 million (projected) folks without a headphone jack... with more to come as supply catches up with demand. And this morning I couldn't find the silly little adapter to plug my headphones into my shiny new phone... so, grumble.
ltopper and supersammy00

I've reported both of these other posts as they appear to be dripping with robotic malware links
Since you are posting in Audiophile I am going to assume audio quality is a priority for you. The iOS platform isn't the best choice for bluetooth audio as it doesn't support AptX (MacOS does), AptX HD or LDAC. LDAC is truly jaw dropping in it's fidelity over bluetooth, it's a battery hog but more data to process = more power required to encode/decode it.