So a issue on my Drop CTRL keyboard.

Hello to who ever is reading this! I hope you have had a lovely Merry Christmas like I did but I do have a slight issue with my brand new keyboard, you see just after night my "Fn" key had stopped working out of now where! I don't know what I could have done to cause this issue and just hope to find some kind of answer. Thank you.

Did you uninstall and reinstall the switch any? How does the switch and switch pins look? Is the hotswap socket okay?
Is it the switch that is causing the issue? Does that FN key work with a different switch? The actual switch in that spot could be defective
Man I am so SUPER SORRY! I checked the switch and one of the metal sticks was super bent, but now I found the problem and now the rgb works like a charm again! This is first mechanical keyboard and playing around with switches. Thank you again for helping me find the issue! I got a new panda in there and now its better then ever!