What brand new items do you want, as a community?


So I'm curious what brand new items the community is really interested in. I still think there is massive room for growth in certain areas of the community.
As far as custom keycaps go, I think playing the long game and finding manufacturers that can make new profiles (like Devlin, etc) will be fantastic. Obviously this isn't a quick undertaking. I definitely like the idea of doing more custom sets with manufacturers that haven't done as many and working making those options more open to the community.
I also see a huge void in the electro capacitive keyboard world. HHKB's (which can't be sold on MD) and Topre Realforce keyboards are fantastic, but the variety is extremely limited. Other makers have started making EC keyboards, but honestly the boards aren't really up to par with real Topre boards. I'd like to work with MD and some of these manufacturers to really craft another enthusiast grade EC keyboard option for the community.
I think seeing more kits would be fantastic as well. The Red Scarf boards are excellent boards due to pricing and features, I just want to see more of them.
Please let me know what you'd like to see!

Nov 23, 2016
The Realforce portfolio seems to have some holes in it. I'd like to see them release the following:
A special limited edition Realforce 87UB Silent with 30g domes. They've released a few ANSI 104 boards but nothing 87 ANSI. This board would counter the compact 35g Plum boards that have popped up. They already make 30g NIS boards in Japan so they already have the formulas/domes.
A full size 104 55g board. Realforce already has two SKU's for this so I don't know what the hold up is. The only unsubstantiated theory I have is Elite Keyboards has some sort of deathlock or contract on the 55g domes themselves. My guess is Topre has a huge MOQ on these that EK won't buy into but at the same time EK won't give permission for anyone to use the 55g domes in any keyboard but theirs. Stalemate and the consumer loses. Topre needs to figure it out because the clones are getting closer by the year; In Korea you can now buy 62g EC models for example.
Also, I would like to see more options for Devlin Q-Series low profile caps. The sticking point is they do not have the molds for 6.25" space bars. Mechsupply used SP DSA for that but I think an even better option would be Devlin L-Series which is currently used on the Cherry G80-3850 models.
Speaking of low profile, I would love to purchase a board using Kailh's new low profile ML clone switches.
Also I would like to see a group buy for Cherry MX Silent Red switches.
I think that's it :)
Good day everyone, I'd love to see more 40% board GBs. By that, how about a group buy for one of the og 40% board makers, JD Carpe. I would love to see a MD gb for his JD40 and/or JD45 keyboards. Both are great boards. Also, the JD45 has 2 case options, standard and HHKB style/blocked corners. In addition, I believe the Golbat40 would be an awesome 40% MD gb. It offers standard and HHKB layouts. The middle section is aluminum, and the top/bottom sections are acrylic. Buyers, would have a great amount of color options to choose from. An addition, the newest version offers 6 function layers. Another thing, that I believe would be good is an MD gb for mk LEDs . Take for example 1.8mm LEDs, I'd feel better buying directly from MD as opposed to some ebay seller. I believe more people than me, feel the same way. I have other ideas; however, for now, I'll keep it at 3!
Nov 4, 2016
Straight up more custom keycaps.
There is a severe shortage out there for true aftermarket or custom keycap sets for Model M's. I've wanted a large print, typewriter style keycap set ever since I saw an artisan set from Japan that was beautiful, and also $250 shipped to the US. Come up with a set of cool Model M caps!
Nov 6, 2016
That is Buckling Spring to MX, not MX to Buckling Spring. I think the latter would have next to no interest from people.
Nov 1, 2016
Some sort of modular DIY kit I think could be interesting, have a Base pcb of a 60% and have add on PCBs to make larger layouts?
Oct 24, 2016
+1 for Red Scarf boards. The Red Scarf96 with onboard LEDs control please!
Or anything like a 75% custom kit will be equally nice.
Oct 30, 2016
I only want one that has onboard LED control, and the one leaked on seems to go with remote controller instead.
Oct 31, 2016
That's getting lost ASAP knowing me
Oct 23, 2016
I see too many colored keycap sets that are too "niche" IMO.
I'd like to see black and white keycap sets, backlightable, that have different fonts to pick from.
Dream purchase would be backlightable PBT Japanese characters for 108 board....or just 10-key to dress up many keyboards with Japanese numbers.
I think Roman Numerals 10-key/number row would also be a good thing easily adaptable to many keyboards.
Oct 18, 2016
I realize that there are many factors including -but not limited to- production schedules that limit what I'm about to ask for, but I would LOVE to see more custom sets in SA, DSA, and GMK. I can find PBT/ABS keycaps in an OEM or Cherry profile pretty much anywhere else, but others such as the types and profiles I mentioned are far more rare.
Aside from that, I'd like to see more custom DIY components such as bulk switches, springs, aftermarket cases, etc.
Nov 24, 2016
hear hear! I wish there was a different DSA, SA, or GMK keyset drop running every month of the year.
Oct 12, 2016
75% kits where? I want one.
Carrying cases would be nice too. Like, good ones.
1upKeyboards has amazing cases. I've heavily used mine for over a year and it looks as new still. They will also do custom sized one for the same price as others!
Oct 12, 2016
I think the addition of having custom keyboard kits for anything larger than a 65% would be awesome, specifically fullsize. Given its just the kit, this should make sourcing it easier as well. At this point a full size aluminium case with programmable PCB would make me happy already.
Yeah, we have had a lot of 65% stuff lately, and while its nice to really push a new layout when it starts gaining popularity there is surely nothing wrong with going back to proven layouts. TKL or TK would be great to see some nice kits / aluminum cases for.
Oct 12, 2016
Yea, I actually quite like 65% , not so much for 60%... But since I already have a few of those, would be nice to get some variety.
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