How does this compare to the Audio Technica AT-LPW40WN?


Feb 1, 2021
The lever for lifting and dropping the arm on the VTA is a little nicer, it is made of all metal rather than plastic. The two tables sound pretty much the same stock. With the VTA you have the ability to try more different cartridges as you can align the tonearm vertically for a cart/stylus combination that is a different height than the AT VM series. If you wanted to try the same cart on the LPW40WN you would have to try using a different mat or shims on the cart screws to attempt to align the tonearm correctly. Other than that they seem totally the same. Bottom line: if you don't think you will mess around with styli outside the AT family much, the LPW40WN is a cheaper option that gets about the same sound. Especially if you can find a refurb or used model. I do own both models, but haven't been able to compare them on the same gear.