I'm considering upgrading my entire audio setup at my pc. I have a Scarlett 2i2 that I've used when performing. I was planning on having my mic go in and have it go out to some jbl/yamaha/any brand speakers. Would the 2i2 be enough for these headphones or should I get a separate amp/dac?


Jan 24, 2021
I have a Scarlett 4i4. It drives my HD650’s just fine for CASUAL listening (while working or reading). For CRITICAL listening (mixing or deep enjoyment of music) it falls a bit short. You will probably need an amp as Evshrug suggests. I also use Beyerdynamic DT770 pro’s (250 ohm) when I’m mixing and/or recording. They work just fine with the Scarlett. You probably already know, but you’ll need powered monitors if you intend to drive them directly from the Scarlett. If not, you’ll need an amp for your passive monitors as well. if you’re going to use the HD650’s while you’re recording with your mic, be careful about monitoring level in the headphones and proximity to the mic or (due to the HD650’s being open back) you’ll get feedback. That’s why I keep both HD650’s and the DT770’s on hand.
Jan 23, 2021
Won’t hurt to try. I don’t have a Scarlett myself, but I’ve heard that they prioritized mic input quality over headphone out quality. If the amp seems weak, try adding a Cavalli Liquid Spark amp, or one of the Drop amps here. If the sound seems dull or inorganic, try upgrading the DAC. Sennheiser sold a bundle package of the HD 650 + Apogee Groove, that’s what I got and it’s a good compact DAC/Amp with a unique sound. The uniqueness comes from the Groove’s gain section being controlled by current instead of voltage... so it sounds very punchy and crisp, with fast transients. The HD 650 = HD 6xx in a different color.