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Have you ever wanted to control your alarm clock with your phone? Well now you can with the Beddi. The Beddi is a smart alarm clock that was funded on Kickstarter in 2015. With a price tag of $100 you are getting a lot of features. The Beddi works with you smart home devices like Lifx and nest and many more. There are 2 USb port on the back to charge your devices and a slot to put you phone that will show info when your alarm goes of. In the morning it will show you the weather and will work with your maps apps to tell you how long you drive to work will be and when to leave. There are also 3 programable buttons on the clock that can control lights or work with you Wemo switches. You can even have it call an Uber with a press of a button. Also there is a built in Bluetooth speaker and you can also wake up to your favorite Spotify playlist. There is also a light on the back that will simulate sunrise 10 minuets before you wake up. There is also LED mood lighting that you control with you phone. You can get the Beddi in 2 colors black or white now on amazon.

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